The IAA Frankfurt Motor Shows 2013, 2015 and 2017 utilised what up to date is probably one of the most sophisticated tracking systems every used for a show.

Automatically controlled by up to 30 ”tagged”  vehicles, around 750 moving lights were integrated into the Zactrack tracking system. All vehicles, CEOs and other protagonists were seamlessly followed both on stage and on the up to 380m long “road” winding through the 2 floors of the exhibition stand. Even at speeds of up to 50km/hr the cars were always perfectly lit.

Lighting Design & tracking concept: Martin Kuhn
Show Design Day Show & Programming : Burkhard Jüterbock (2013) , Ben Schiller (2015/2017)
Show Design Press conference: Jerry Appelt
Zactrack Programming: Paul Roch, Olli Ranft

Video of the 2015 BMW Show

All photos © Amanda Holmes

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