The Open Air St. Gallen Festival has again successfuly used our tracking services for this years Umberto Giordanos “Andrea Chénier“. After performances of Puccini’s opera “Edgar” 2018 and Verdi’s “Il Trovatore” 2019 , the local audio team relied again on tracking to acoustically locate the actors on stage and deliver a fully immersive sound experience.

After various tests the production chose a zactrack system because of his accuracy on the vast stage and its imperviousness to the elements. The positional data of each principal actor fed a d&b DS100 DSP platform equipped with a Soundscape software module d&b En-Scene for object-based signal management. This distributed the input channels dynamically in the stereo field.

Florian Behmenburg was responsible for the technical planning and implementation. During the 14-day performance, the system was supervised locally.
Photo Credit Tanja Dorendorf T+T Fotografie

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